Acton's Crushed Copper, Crushed Sterling Silver, and Orbital Sterling Silver Jewelry
Hugh Acton has designed a line of cuffs and rings made from Crushed Sterling Silver (both) or Crushed Copper (cuffs only). Mr. Acton designed a second line of cuffs and rings, calling it his Orbital Series; these pieces are hand-crafted from heavy Sterling Silver wire which has been preformed in triangular, square or round bar shapes.

Please provide a suggested ring size at the time of your order.

Pictured below: Three variations of the Orbital Sterling Silver Round Bar Cuffs; and, at right: an Orbital Sterling Silver Triangular Bar Ring.
  Orbital Sterling Silver Cuffs by Hugh Acton  Orbital Sterling Silver Wire Ring by Hugh Acton

While these exact works may not be available, similar pieces are in stock.

Features of Acton's handcrafted jewelry:
  • Dimensions for rings range in length from 1″ to 1½″
  • Dimensions for cuffs vary in width from 1″ to 4″
  • All jewelry pieces are unique and original
  • Each piece has been signed and stamped by the artist
  • Patina for copper cuffs and rings varies from dark to coppery brown, deep turquoise to dark green
  • Patina for sterling silver cuffs and rings, and for sterling silver wire bracelets and rings varies from bright, shiny silver to a dark, tarnished color

Jewelry prices vary depending on the weight of copper or sterling silver utilized, the intricacy of the design, and amount of time necessary to craft the item.

These prices are accurate as of June 17, 2009:
  • Crushed copper ring (1″)  $124.
  • Crushed copper ring (1½″)  $149.
  • Crushed copper cuff (1″)  $149.
  • Crushed copper cuff (2″)  $174.
  • Crushed copper cuff (3″)  $199.
  • Crushed copper cuff (4″)  $224.
  • Crushed sterling silver ring (1″)  $149.
  • Crushed sterling silver ring (1½″)  $174.
  • Crushed sterling silver cuff (1″)  $199.
  • Crushed sterling silver cuff (2″)  $249.
  • Crushed sterling silver cuff (3″)  $299.
  • Crushed sterling silver cuff (4″)  $349.
  • Orbital sterling silver ring  $124.
  • Orbital sterling silver cuff  $274.

Pictured below: An approximately 4″ wide Crushed Sterling Silver Cuff; at right: a 3″ wide Crushed Copper Cuff.

 Crushed Sterling Silver Cuff by Hugh Acton  Crushed Copper Cuff by Hugh Acton

To order call toll-free: 877-731-2363. We add $1 to the retail price of each cuff or ring to provide insured parcel-post shipping from Augusta, Michigan.