Acton's Crushed Copper Sculptures and Wall Hangings
A broad range of Crushed Copper Sculptures and Crushed Copper Wall Hangings, depicted below, have been designed and created by Hugh Acton in his Southwestern Michigan studio workshop. While these exact pieces may not be available, similar works have been recently produced or are in production now.

Custom work, of course, is possible, and Mr. Acton would be pleased to discuss your needs and interests for a unique piece of hand-crafted metalwork. You may telephone him toll-free, 877‑731‑2363, for a consultation. Serious inquiries only, please.

Pictured below: A quintet of varying shapes and sizes of Crushed Copper Sculptures, utilizing granite, concrete, or wood for base materials, in an interior setting; and a trio of Crushed Copper Sculptures on an exterior site.
Five Crushed Copper Sculptures by Hugh Acton  Three Crushed Copper Sculptures

Features of Hugh Acton's hand-crafted Crushed Copper Sculptures and Crushed Copper Wall Hangings:
  • Sheet copper varies from .065″ to .035″ thickness
  • Bases vary depending on whim or your request: wood, stone, metal
  • Patina varies from deep turquoise to green to brown
  • All sculptures are suitable for interior or exterior environment
Prices are based upon the type and amount of materials used in the sculpture: its size, the components of its base, and the intricacy of its design.
  • Smaller sculpture (such as Wall Hangings or smaller free-standing pieces)  $800.
  • Larger sculpture (more complex works, or those over 3 feet in height)  between $850 and $4000.

As Hugh Acton says, “No two are alike.”

Pictured below: Crushed Copper Sculpture on stained wooden base with natural copper-brown patina; circa 4½ feet in height. Crushed Copper Sculpture with a dusty blue verdigris patina, created by Hugh Acton, approximately 6 feet in height. Verdigris patina on a Crushed Copper Sculpture with a granite base, pictured in Hugh Acton's garden; detail of the patina.
 Crushed Copper Sculpture Verdigris patina on Crushed Copper Sculpture Tuquoise patina on Crushed Copper Sculpture Detail: Turquoise patina on Crushed Copper Sculpture

To order call toll-free: 877‑731‑2363. All items in limited quantities. Buyer pays cost of UPS shipping ($50 or 10% of retail price, whichever is less), from Augusta, Michigan.